Vajaah E. Parker (The Web Development Group)

Vajaah’s semi-traditional graphic design background couples with her front-end web development experience to position her as the Chief Strategist for The Web Development. At the agency, she assists think-tanks, non-profits and corporations with solving the most demanding web challenges with data-driven decisions.

Currently, Vajaah serves as a board member for Technology and Gaming Labs (Taglabs), a DC based organization facilitating youth exposure to programming through interactive gaming experiences. In the past, weekends proved as prime time for hackathons. Having won two, Vajaah has completed multiyear engagements with The City of Newark, NJ in providing a flexible and sustainable framework for their municipal website.

Vajaah is digging deep to learn to teach the concepts she’s relied on within the industries she serves. She hopes to emerge as a reliable thought leader and a transformational educator to perpetuate innovation within the space.


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